Alastair Whybrow

An old friend and neighbor from Caledon passed away a few days ago.

A remembrance of Mr. Whybrow appeared on my blogs, Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse…

…and The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller…


About Dankoville

Today I want to share with you an introduction to Dankoville that I wrote a few months back for the Dankoville Story Group which has a members-only website with background on the story of Dankoville…


The purpose of Dankoville grid

I made this grid as a setting for one of the storylines on my IC blog, The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveler. I opened it to Hypergrid  so the curious could visit. I didn’t expect other RPers or writers to join me here. What a nice surprise! And fun!!

As the grid is open to tourists and virtual world explorers who want to look around or even hang out without any interest in RP whatsoever, we are not a strict roleplay sim. Not at all. We are always OOC here unless we mutually decide otherwise. That can be a formally set time to RP or it can be a spur of the moment thing.

General overview of the Dankoville grid and its use in story

Genre: Small town life, Farm life

Our stories take place in Strange County, somewhere in the Corn Belt of the United States. We focus on the lives of the people who live, work, do business, play or visit in Dankoville, the third largest town in the county. The time is the present day.

Rule #1

We NEVER identify what state Dankoville is in, it’s just somewhere in the Corn Belt.

To answer the Bob Dylan Question – “How does it feeeeeel?” Think of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois. Not the big cities in those states but the rural, smaller places. Very small. Even more specifically about the feel of it…when I need a name of a person or place or I need to know the regional term for something or other “cultural” questions, I research South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

For awhile I didn’t even identify whether it was in the US or Canada but then a plotline led me to have to claim Dankoville for the United States. Yes, someday I may have to declare a state as well but I hope not. And until that day, always refer to Rule #1.

Time Travel

The existence of time travel is accepted as fact by most people in Dankoville but generally not a topic of conversation in polite company.

I’ll write a separate post about this and link it here when I do. I want you to be aware of this element as it is part of my main character’s story BUT I don’t want to emphasize it because it’s not what Dankoville is about.

As a resident of the area or even a regular visitor, you would know of the Whitfield family. But you certainly wouldn’t be talking to them about time travel (unless you are a time traveller) and vice versa. You’d talk about…farming, the weather, the high school basketball team, life in these parts in these times.

Time travel is actually quite important to the town’s history but that’s still not what our RP is about. It’s about life in a small town in a rural area in the present day. A family of time travellers just happens to live here. But their day job? Farming.

Dankoville HG address:


Dankoville On Kitely

Danko posted this today on the Kitely forms…

My OpenSim mini-grid Dankoville has “Closed for Renovations.” I hope to be self-hosting it again when a new and expanded version of the grid is ready. I’m working on the new grid in SoaS and will be for a few weeks. During that time, I’m holding an Open House here on Kitely – a preview version of the new Dankoville is now open to all Kitely accounts and HG visitors.

I use Dankoville as a story setting in my writing. It’s meant to be a depiction of a small town somewhere in the Corn Belt of the United States. The Chamber of Commerce brags that Dankoville is “the third largest town in Strange County” after the small cities of New Teasdale and Stevenson. Most of the rest of the area is farmland. It’s really a quiet town, off the beaten path, really not notable for much of anything. Well, other than that family of time travellers that lives on a farm a few miles outside of town.

The sim is 16 regions and it’s very obviously “under construction” but there is plenty there to make it a good stop for explorers or anyone who wants to hang out or RP in a “small town life” setting.

Here’s the world page for Dankoville on Kitely…

and the official Dankoville website…

I hope you enjoy my little town. 🙂

The new HG address for Dankoville is:

Alts and “De-alting”

I like creating characters.

I used to create a lot of “alts” (virtual world speak for alternate avatars) in Second Life just because I could. But as I started writing about my virtual life, I wanted to create avatar versions of some of the characters I was writing about. Just for fun. That’s when my total number of alts got out of hand. So I’ve had to kill some off from time to time. Well, I didn’t really “have” to…it’s just my preference. I never used these alts so I decided to get rid of them so I could clear the way for the creation of other alts who are being used…in story.

Every once in awhile I bump off a few more.

Danko posted about my recent rampage on Journey To The Center Of The Metavwerse…