Mitch Newmore’s Family

My new character, Mitch Newmore, is part of the soon-to-open Cedar Point RPG on Great Canadian Grid. Mitch has started a journal. Five installments so far. In the fourth one he tells us a bit about his family background…


My Virtual Blog

There have been some changes made around here. The blog called “My Virtual Blog” that was at this address for the past year or so has been moved to a new address. For now the two sites have the identical posts but from here they will go in different directions.

This one will become my general writer’s blog and site with news about my writing projects related to virtual worlds. I’d like to try to use the My Virtual Blog site as more of a behind the scenes look at my storybuilding process.

I’m in the midst of a major reorganization of my virtual world projects and related writing projects. Several of my blogs and websites are being overhauled as part of the process. It’ll take awhile before things get settled both inworld and on the web.

There’s a lot going on. I’ll be writing about it here and elsewhere in the coming weeks.