Les Paul played his ass off, Django too

Mitch Newmore's Journal

Sometimes I think: There are musicians and there are people who play instruments.

I don’t like to be harsh about it but it seems like, somebody – an adult I’m talking about now, not a teenager – playing guitar in a rock band or a country band, who doesn’t play – or even like – any other kind of music and who never heard of Charlie Christian or Andres Segovia, is not really a musician. They’re just somebody playing a guitar.

Really, how can you play guitar and not know who those guys are? Or Django. Shoot.

I’d say the same about a classical guitarist who doesn’t know who Eric Clapton is.

Thing is, there are no classical guitarists who don’t know who Eric Clapton is.

It’s not that classical guitarists are better people, it’s just that they’re all good musicians. I don’t mean inherently or anything, it’s a practical…

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How I Met Patty

Mitch Newmore's Journal

Ed. note: Patty Preston is Mitch’s girlfriend of nearly two years.

I was playing a gig up in Chilliwack a couple years ago. That’s about an hour’s drive from White Rock if there’s no delay. That’s as far as I’ll drive for a job because of the price of fuel, it’s only worth it to go so far. This gig paid really well though.

It was a pickup band. That’s just what it sounds like, a band put together just for this date. The keyboard player, Bobby Harris, called me at the last minute. I used to play in a band with Bobby a few years ago. The gig belonged to the guitar player on this date, he’s the one who hired Bobby and the others. But he had to bail out that morning when his wife went into labour. So he gave the gig to Bobby, who called a…

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My name is Mitch

Introducing a new character and a new story blog…

Mitch Newmore's Journal

Hello. I never kept a journal before. Been thinking about it for awhile. Don’t know why. We’ll see how it goes.

Music is what I’m all about. I play music for a living, trying to anyway. Guitar and sax mostly. “Are you in a band?” That’s what people always ask me. Yeah, I’m in like seven bands. A couple of them actually have regular gigs.

I’m 27. Single, sort of. I’m from British Columbia. If you know B.C., I’m from the Lower Mainland. If you don’t know it, I’m from Vancouver. I was born in Richmond and I grew up there. Right now I’m living south of White Rock, not far from Cedar Point.

I didn’t finish college. I got a gig with a touring band in my second year so I dropped out.

It was a great gig, The Dick Parisi Dance Orchestra. We played swing tunes from the…

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Danko On Craft

Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

First let me say that my typist and I had a bit of a row over who was going to write this piece and whose blog it would appear on. As I begin to type, I’m not sure which one of us won the argument.

There have been times in my virtual life when I’ve had no home. I’ve always had a pub and often had an office, usually both, but not always a home. There have been other times when I’ve had multiple homes. I go with what suits my needs and desires of the time.

One of the most enjoyable periods of my virtual existence was when The Steamlands were thriving in Second Life. At one point, I had six offices, three pubs and five homes scattered about Winterfell, Caledon, New Babbage, Austral, New Toulouse and Steelhead.

I was thinking of those days the other night…

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Radio Danko Is On The Air!

Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

You’ve probably asked yourself many times over the years, “What if there was a radio station programmed by a time traveler?”

Well, now there is! Yours truly has entered the arena of internet radio.

It started in the usual way. One day I was bemoaning the fact that two of my favorite music streams had gone away. The next day I was starting my own.

I wanted a cross-genre stream that I could use in some of my virtual world places, a stream that played hits and familiar songs along with album cuts and novelties. A station that would play Ian and Sylvia along with Bruno Mars.

The music mix is heavy on the classics – classic rock, classic soul, classic pop, classic country. There’s blues and folk. And a few old standards too. And a little jazz. Then add a layer of new songs by new artists from those…

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Journey To The Center Of The Template

Yeah, I used that title once before. Last time I changed the design template on Danko’s Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse blog. Using it again because I changed it again.

Probably going to have to use it again as well.

Here’s why…

“One Giant Leap Backward For Blogkind”

from Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse


My Worlds

As mentioned in a previous post here, I’ve moved My Virtual Blog from this address to a new one. Currently on that blog, I’m giving some details of my virtual world projects and their related writing projects. There’s obviously a rather limited audience for that type of thing but those are the folks I’m targeting. I hope these articles will give some insight to virtual worlds, the writing process, and how the two things come together.

“Welcome To My Worlds”

from My Virtual Blog


My Virtual Blog

There have been some changes made around here. The blog called “My Virtual Blog” that was at this address for the past year or so has been moved to a new address. For now the two sites have the identical posts but from here they will go in different directions.

This one will become my general writer’s blog and site with news about my writing projects related to virtual worlds. I’d like to try to use the My Virtual Blog site as more of a behind the scenes look at my storybuilding process.

I’m in the midst of a major reorganization of my virtual world projects and related writing projects. Several of my blogs and websites are being overhauled as part of the process. It’ll take awhile before things get settled both inworld and on the web.

There’s a lot going on. I’ll be writing about it here and elsewhere in the coming weeks.