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All of Danko’s sites have a “Danko On The Web” page which lists all of his blogs and sites on virtual worlds. It lists this one now too. 🙂 That page was updated today across all of Danko’s sites. I should probably add it as a page to this site as well but here it is as a post, for now…

I have several blogs and sites about virtual worlds. Here is your guide to my little publishing empire with links to my social networks at the bottom.

Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse


“One avatar’s battle with the reality of the virtual landscape.” This is my most popular blog in terms of most readers, views, hits, however you wish to measure it. Here I write analysis, commentary/opinion on the virtual issues of the day, often with my own experiences as an example. Occasionally I “break” a story though that is not my mission here. There are also features on people, places, things I bump into around the Metaverse that I think readers might find interesting.

The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller


“Wandering the Centuries with a Steampunk Explorer.” This is my longest-running virtual world blog, started in May of 2010. It is my RP blog and follows my avatar’s story as a writer, explorer, diplomat, musician, pub owner and semi-retired time traveller. (formerly called, Steaming Along: Danko Whitfield In The 19th Century.)



“A little somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” Somewhere out there, in the vastness known as the Metaverse there is a place called Dankoville. It’s my personal standalone world on the OpenSim. And this is the website and blog that goes with it.

Dankoville Stories


This blog is a collection of stories from or about Dankoville written by myself and others. If you’re interested in writing about Dankoville or roleplay on the grid, please contact me via Google+ or other means.

Danko’s Worlds


Your travel guide to the virtual worlds of Danko Whitfield. This site features links and basic information for the virtual world places with which I’m connected. Some are locations I use in my story writing and others are sims I’ve made or host or live in. It has the HG addresses and links to more info on each location. The information is intended to help interested virtual world explorers visit these places.

Danko Whitfield – Writer, Explorer of Virtual Worlds


“Writer, Explorer of Virtual Worlds.” I guess this is my homepage. I refer to it sometimes as “Danko Central.” If you are interested in more than one of my blogs, this would be a good place to hit the Follow button as I post links to all the latest articles on each of my blogs here. I do put some original material here as well. Usually it’s stuff that I don’t think “fits” anywhere else. 🙂 And I put links to other writing I do about virtual worlds that appears in other places.

My Virtual Blog


“Writing about writing about virtual worlds.” On this blog, my typist writes about being me. What can I say? Everybody wants to get in on the act.

Other online activities…

I have a Scoop.it page called News of the Virtual World

Photos from my virtual travels are on my Flickr page

I’m on Google+ I take part in the discussion community called Opensim Virtual

Please follow me on Twitter  @DankoWhitfield

Please friend me on Facebook



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